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Looking through old screenshots...

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Looking through old screenshots...

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:13 pm

I was looking through some old screenshots, and found a couple of gems.

In this set, I was platooned with another guy in our little tier two German premiums, I got 6 kills, no Top Gun.  He got 7 kills, no Top Gun.  Another one of the buggers on the other team got 8 kills and got Top Gun.  I did manage to get Scout and Confederate, and 6 kills Wink

In this set, I recorded 12 kills with the mildly OP 38H.  I should have had 14 kills, but the only other guy left alive on my team came out of hiding while I was killing the last 3 guys, and stole 2 kills.  We were down 4-13 at one point, with the two of us as the only two alive.  He hid in the very bottom left corner of Himmelsdorf so he didn't get killed while we were getting capped.  I was heading back to cap, and was spotted on the way, and thankfully the guys capping all came to try and kill me.  When it started, I only had 3 kills, I quickly broke the 10 kill barrier for the first time in my career, and managed to get all the way back to cap while one guy was trying to cap out.  After dispatching him, I had 11 kills and started heading straight for their base.  At this point my "brave" campanion (sic) decided that since I had just laid to waste nearly a dozen tanks, and was still over 70% health, he could follow me around and it was probably a safer bet than hiding in a corner.  I came across one guy heading down the 5-6 line almost at our base.  After taking him to about 15hp, my campanion came around the corner and fired a burst of shells in our direction.  Several shots plinked off my ass, and the rest found their way into the red tank, killing him.  Two tanks left.  As I headed up toward their base, another enemy tank tried to catch me from the side as I moved north across the field.  I fired two shots and set him on fire.  As he burned, my campanion decided the fire wasn't killing him fast enough, so with exactly 2hp left to go and a fire burning, he sprayed his load all over the place and succeeded in killing his second enemy.  By this point I was annoyed, but there wasn't much I could do, short of killing him myself, which I wasn't ready to do.  As we continued our steady push to the North, the final enemy showed his face, but did not succeed in doing any damage before I was able to polish him off.  Thankfully, my campanion had not gotten a good shot on him as I had turned my tank sideways to try and provide a bigger target for the red tank, and a smaller target for the green one.

A couple of matches where my companions and I were not always on the same page in terms of choosing tanks.  I blame myself for some of it, but I was not the platoon leader either time.

Playing games over my cellphone was both rewarding and annoying.  In this set, I was sitting at 800-999ms the entire match, and STILL somehow, someway ended up with four kills.  Ah the joys of clubbing seals.

MM working as intended since 2010.

My first match in the SU-122-44 Sad

And the lemmings train...


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