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Post by TilDeath on Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:44 pm

I am in a position and a scrub bumps and blocks me, ask him to move he does not so I TK him.  I then get this PM from his leader (clan: PZB) and he says he has friends in high places....

magman1956 (7:33:06 PM) Good day,
TilDeath (7:34:00 PM) what can I do for you
magman1956 (7:34:30 PM) I am just informing you that the player that you team killed that is under my command if sending in a ticket to WG with a replay.
TilDeath (7:34:47 PM) ok
magman1956 (7:35:13 PM) I understand your frustration of him taking your position, just the team killing was a bit rough.
TilDeath (7:35:36 PM) well he bumped and pushed me its all good
TilDeath (7:35:46 PM) let hims end in a replay
TilDeath (7:35:56 PM) if I get a ban I get a ban
magman1956 (7:35:57 PM) I watched the replay and did not see any of that.
TilDeath (7:36:16 PM) ok you also did not see him block me at least twice
TilDeath (7:36:22 PM) but its all good
magman1956 (7:36:29 PM) Take care and happy hunting


Now the TK took place over 2 hours ago.  I guess he had to wait for daddy to come and tell me I was a bad pixel tanks man Evil or Very Mad


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Re: Whinners

Post by Grunt1771 on Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:03 pm

Oh well, we had talked about this last night in TS replay does not do anything anymore.

Kind of funny that one of the designated officers contacted you about it, however at least it was an amiable conversation.

Oh well eventually they will learn the game...... then again after 18k+ battles maybe not.


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