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New "participation medals" ideas

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New "participation medals" ideas

Post by SilkySmooth on Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:29 am

Some I stole some are mine - add yours for the lol

Merkava Tanker
Drive your tank backward towards the enemy and get destroyed.
I Hate Dirt!
Drive into deep water without snorkeling equipment.
What a Beautiful Day On The Field!
Press R 3 times at the start of the battle without turning on the map Malinovka.
Hydraulics For The Win
Turn Only your turret when you are being circled by a more nimble tank.
Gold Noob
Shoot at least one SPrem round during a match
Use the chat channel to recruit for your clan during a pub match.
Loose Cannon
Fire your weapon before anyone leaves the cap circle after the match has started.
- Leave the flag circle at battle start!

- Super Sniper Plus Award!
- Hit 2 shots in a row

- Highest Calliber Award!
- Hit 2 penetration shots in a row! 

Cool Headed - survive a battle with sanity intact without wishing you'd turned battle chat off.

Wheat from the Chaff - survive a battle without adding someone to your ignore list

Justice for all steel:
Kill an enemy SPG while it is less than 20m from a body of water or inside the body of water
Newbies first:
Don't be the first one to die on the team
The one that got away:
Bounce a shell that is 3X the caliber compared to your armor in a light tank.
SerB strikes again:
Perform badly in a world of tanks match in which you still win.
Unicum - Tomato ultimax:
Kill at least 2 players who have a WN8 of at least 2000, while during the same match be killed by a player who has a WN8 of 500 and below

Tomato from the sky 
Kill a win8 player of 1200 or better with arty while only having a win8 of 600 or below
Boy Scout 
Camp within 200 meters of spawn and never fire a shot
Yolo your HP
Be in a top tier heavy and die within the first 2 minutes 


"When the battle begins, please for the love of god START SHOOTING RANDOMLY. So many forget to do this. It gets the barrel warmed up, gets rid of those few useless shells weighing down the tank, lets your team know you mean business and most importantly puts them on a nice healthy edge so they are used to being shot at." - Buddy_Deeds

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